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  1. Visit the website of Ministry of Tourism
  2. The high season in Myanmar is from October until late March. During this period, it is guaranteed be no rain and wonderful sunny days.
  3. As a Buddhist country, respect for temples and all that implies are important. All who enter a monastery ground or pagoda must remove shoes and socks. It is a good idea to have easily removable footwear (such as flip-flops) to facilitate this custom.
  4. In some religious areas, women are restricted from entering and should not wear shorts or revealing clothing, although slacks are acceptable. (No halter tops, miniskirts, tight sweaters, etc.). Also women are not allowed to touch a monk. If introduced to a monk, a bow of the head instead of a handshake is appropriate – this is for both men and women. When speaking to monks or nuns, please show considerable amount of respect by not being too direct or physical.
  5. It is a kind gesture for anyone to drop a small contribution into a donation box at a monastery or pagoda.
  6. Myanmar people are generally very quiet, calm & content.
  7. Myanmar is still adapting to visiting foreigners. They are merely fascinated and hope to have a chance to interact with you. It is all right to start a conversation with interested people, or at least to smile at them.
  8. It is appropriate to tip hotel baggage employees and other services in a discrete manner. The local currency in Myanmar is the Kyat. Some hotels in Myanmar accept credit cards. Thus, it is necessary for you to pay in cash everywhere. We suggest you to carry US Dollars, preferable new bills in large denominations.
  9. If you are using prescribed medicine, make sure that you carry sufficient medication.
  10. Please note that it is not safe to drink tap water in Myanmar.
  11. The current is 220 Volts and uses 2 flat pin plugs. Converters should be taken into Myanmar as they may not be available.
  12. A torch/ flashlight are highly recommended in the event of power outages.

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