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Pyay - formerly Prome ( 5-hour drive from Yangon) is one of beautiful spots and stop on the Yangon-Bagan Highway in Myanmar with a breezy location on the Ayeyarwaddy River. Three Ancient Myanmar Pyu Cities which were excavated, Halin (near Shwebo), Beikthano (near Taungdwingyi) and Sri Ksetra (in Pyay) are listed as Unesco World Heritage sites. They were existed from 2nd century BCE to Mid-11th century. Sri Ksetra Ancient city is easily accessible, just 15 minutes away from Pyay. Shwe sandaw ; one of the most famous ancient pagodas, Baw Gyi Pagoda, Payagyi and Payama Pagoda, north of the old city walls are conically-styled and were built about the sometime as the Be Be Temple.

Tour Highlights in Pyay
  1. Sri Kshetra Ancient Days
  2. Shwesandaw Pagoda
  3. Sehtatgyi Paya
  4. Museum
  5. Bawbawgyi Paya and Bebe Paya
  6. Shwemyethman Paya

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An ancient 'Pyu' Capital lies 8 km south-east of Pyay (Prome) and it is located about 285 km north-west of Yangon. Archaeological discoveries indicate that the city attained its height of prosperity between the 5th and 9th centuries. In Tha-ye-khit-taya, one will find palace site the prototype of Bagan vaulted temple such as Lemyethna and East Zegu, the cylinder-shaped Bawbawgyi Pagoda, Payagyi and Payama stupas, each with a high conical dome and the Archaeological Museum. The area is ideal to explore in 2 days/1 night trip from Yangon.
The Shwesandaw Pagoda is the main point of interest and situated in the center of Pyay. Shwesandaw means the Golden Hair Relics as it has a couple of Buddha hairs. The former name of the pagoda was known to be Mya Thi Htin. It has a height of 127 feet high and standing on the plinth making a total measurement of 290 feet from the base. There are 64 surrounding smaller pagodas around the main one. There is a chamber in the southern sector of the platform housing a duplicate of the Buddha's tooth relic of Kandy. Having been placed beside the original tooth-relic of Kandy for a time it is believed to have absorbed the aura of the original and become just as potent. The tooth-relic from the Shwesandaw Pagoda is customarily taken out from its chamber in the month of Dazaungmone (November-December) every year and ceremoniously taken on a tour of the city once every three years so that worshippers might pay homage to it and revere it with their own eyes. Shwesandaw is one of the most scared Buddhist pilgrimage spots in Myanmar along with Shwezigon (Bagan), Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock), Shwemawdaw ( Bago), Mahamuni ( Mandalay) and Shwedagon (Yangon).
Sehtatgyi ( Big Ten Storey) is east from the Shwesandaw. You’ll see an enormous seated Bhudda figure rising up from the tree line.
A small museum stands about a kilometer and a half from the highway turnoff by the old palace side. Inside the museum is a collection of artifacts collected from Srikshetra excavations.
Bawbawgyi Paya and cube-shaped Bebe Paya are located cylindrical at south of the museum outside the city walls. Standing over 45 meters high, the brick and plaster of Bawbawgyi Paya is the oldest stupa in the area. Other cube-shaped pagodas in the area include one thought to have been used by a hermit featuring eight Buddha reliefs along the lower half of the interior wall and a vaulted ceiling of brick.
Means Paya of the Golden Spectacles located on the way to Pyay. Spectacles were added to this image during Konbaung era by a local nobleman to stimulate local faith through curiosity. Nowadays, local believe that Shwemyethman paya has power to cure all kinds of ill specially the eyes.

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