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Kawthaung is the southern-most town of Myanmar. Visitors can take 20 minute boat trips to Kawthaung for sightseeing and shopping. Kawthaung is a bustling border town and the gateway to Mergui Archipelago. You can be cruising, diving and snorkeling, Sea Kayaking and fishing on the Mergui Island. One of the impressions of cruising on Mergui Island is meeting the local Sea gypsies (Moken). Ranong is the border town in Thailand. With special permission you can depart from Kawthaung by Ranong border to Thailand.

Myeik is located in Tanintharyi Region, southern part of the country. The town’s economy is based largely on exports of local products, such as tin, tungsten, dried fish, dried prawns, fish paste, salt and rubber. A cultured pearl industry were harvested by the Salon or Moken people, who are sometimes referred to as Sea Gypsies (Salon) on some of the nearby islands, particularly Pale Kyun (Pearl Island), about 138 kilometres south of Myeik. Lampi Island, 105 kilometres by 50 kilometres with mountains topping 450 metres, boasts lovely beaches, coral reefs, clear water and undisturbed wildlife. It has been designated a Marine National Park to preserve the environment and attract ecotourists. The Myeik Archipelago consists of many similar Virgin Islands, which typically feature white sandy beaches and are good for snorkeling and scuba diving. The water is so clear that it is enough to see the coral reefs and tropical fish, while there are also abundant lagoon caves, bird nests and waterfalls. Myeik is a busy port town and preserved and dried fish, birds’ nests and rubber industries. It is between the sea and low hills with pagodas, monasteries and government buildings.
Dawei (Tavoy), one of the oldest ports in Myanmar and was mentioned by the merchant traveler Ralph Fitch is about 30 miles (48km) from the mouth of the Dawei River on the coast of Taninthary Division. It is a prosperous town with quiet and peaceful.

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