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Kalaw was a favourite hill station during the colonial era and today is a picturesque town, surrounded by pine forests and with some of Myanmar’s most beautiful gardens. Offers good trekking and hiking possibilities to neighboring hill tribe villages, some of which still function the same as they did centuries ago. Fans of natural beauty will feel sated here, and the road between Kalaw and Pindaya offers particularly breathtaking views of the landscape. A popular hill station, Kalaw feels like a high-altitude holiday resort: the air is cool, the atmosphere is calm, the streets are leafy and green, and the surrounding hills offer the best trekking in Myanmar. This peaceful town is a great place to relax in summer and known as an excellent base for walking in the cool and picturesque mountains, blanketed in gnarled pine forests and bamboo groves. One can also discover little-visited minority hill tribe villages. If you love to overnight trekking for two to three days on Shan mountains, you can start the journey from Kalaw toward Inle Lake. This would provide with a nice mixture of hard and light trek with good sun and shade. Other interesting, Kalaw also has a big central market where meet tribes at the colorful every-5-days market.

About 20 min drive by car, it lies in Pinmagon Monastery of Pinmagon Village, Kalaw Township. Established in First Inn-wa Period over 500 years ago but the donors were hard to ascertain and there were no records but its head was sharp upright. Its ears were not touching the shoulders and the garment was covered for the whole of its lower parts. Nee Paya is famous for its longevity, its prevention of fire and its wish granting powers. Occasionally radiation seemed to come from the pagoda at the front of image. The image is now lacquered and gilded all the way. thwise is 22 feet (6.7m). Height of the big toe is 6 feet (1.8m).
Other places of interest are Thein Taung Pagoda, Aung Chan Tha Pagoda, Su Taung Pyae Pagoda and the King Church.
Palaung women wear colorful blue and red costume and live in Long houses. It takes two hours (short way) or four hours through the hills to the village of the Palaung tribe. The Palaung cultivate cheroot, tea, damsons and mangoes on the hill.

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