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Kyaikhtiyoe pagoda, known as "the golden rock" is located in the small town called Kyaikhto, in the Mon State. It takes about 4 hours drives as far 160km away from Yangon. The pagoda is 1100km above sea-level and from Kinpun base camp 11 kilometer uphill climb for the hikers. The 7.3 m high stupa, sit atop the Golden Rock delicately balanced on the edge of a cliff at Mt.Kyaikhtiyoe. The Golden Rock which in itself is separated several feet from the mountain by a rent or chasm, now spanned by a small foot bridge of iron and on the further side drops into a valley blow. A visit to Kyikhtiyoe is a must by most Buddhists in Myanmar and South East Asia country. Look around from Mt.Kyaikhtiyoe and you will see virgin forests as far as your eyes can see. A trip to Kyaikhtiyoe is a shutterbug’s delight as it abounds in scenic spots.

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