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You can Enjoy With Bago One Day Tour

Ancient capital of Mon Kingdom, Bago can be reached easily by road; the 80-kilometre journey from Yangon takes about two hours. Situated on the road to Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock) and Mawlamyine, Bago remains a quiet and easy-going town with a lot more bicycles and motorbikes than cars. Bago feels like a fascinating Myanmar Buddhist religious sites as it has many attractive places for pilgrims must visit. Shwe mawdaw Pagoda; the highest stupa in Myanmar , Shwethar lyaung Pagoda; a long and huge Buddha reclining Image and Kyaik Pun Pagoda ; four huge images, Hinthagone Hill meter high an ancient pagoda stand on a small hill, enjoy over view the city …are the most noticeable places in Bago. Besides, Maha Kalyani Sima, Mahazedi Pagoda, Shwegugale Pagoda, Snake Pagoda are also worth seeing. Bago Market is also interesting and lively which just 10 minutes out of town one can see authentic scenes of rural life, such as yoked water buffaloes ploughing paddy fields.

Tour Highlights in Bago
Shwe-Tha-Lyaung Buddha was built by the Mon in 994 by Mon King Migdepa II. The 55 meter long and 16 meter high reclining Buddha was restored several times during its existence before the destruction of Bago in 1757. It was rediscovered in 1880 and restored again several times to bring it to this condition. This huge reclining Buddha with a sign on the platform in front of the image gives the measurements of each body part. It is reputed to be one of the most lifelike of all reclining Buddhas. Myanmar people say that the image represents Buddha in a 'relaxing' mode

Measurements of the reclining Buddha Image

Height at the shoulder is 52.5 feet (16m). Extent of the face is 22.5feet (6.9m). Lengthwise dimension of the throat is 7.5 feet (2.3m). Length of the upper torso is 47.5 feet (14.5m). Length of the ear is 15 feet (4.6m). Length of the eyebrows is 7.5 feet (2.3m). Width of the mouth is 7.5 feet (2.3m). Width of each eye is 3.5feet (1.1m). Bridge of the nose is 7.5 feet (2.3m). Length of the sole of the foot is 25.5 feet (7.8m). Dimension of the palm lengthwise is 22 feet (6.7m). Height of the big toe is 6 feet (1.8m).
The Shwemawdaw or 'Great Golden God Pagoda' of Bago height to 23 meters in the 8th century and was rebuilt higher several times until it finally reached its present 114 meter stature in 1954 has been growing for more than 1000 years. The pagoda was originally built by 2 merchants, Taphussa and Bhalita, to enshire two hair relics of the Buddha. It becomes the tallest of the Burmese pagodas over the centuries. As with other pagodas, this growth in size occurred during numerous reconstruction periods. The biggest quake in 1930 nearly leveled the ancient structure and next 20 years that it again dominated the Bago skyline. Because of these relics, Shwemawdaw is visited by throngs of Buddhist pilgrims during all hours of the day and night. The Shwemawdaw Pagoda festival held on the full moon day of Tagu (March/April) attracts huge crowds of locals.
Kyaik Pun Pagoda built by King Dhamma Zedi in 1476 A.D is in the form of four huge Buddha images all in sitting posture facing the four points of the compass. They are seated back to back against a massive brick pillar. According to a legend, four Mon sisters were connected with the construction of the images. It was said that if one of them marry, one of the Buddha would collapse.
The other famous pagodas in Bago is the Mahazedi (the Great Stupa) built by King Bayinnaung in 1560 A.D.
The Mahazedi pagoda enshrines a tooth-relic brought from Sri Lanka.
Mya-thar-lyaung Buddha image is located next to the famous Shwe-thar-lyaung Buddha image. It is another giant reclining Buddha image.
Just behind the Shwemawdaw Pagoda, this pagoda has good views over Bago from the hilltop. In the legendary, this was the one point rising from the sea when the hintha(the mythological bird)landed.
Kanbawzathadi Palace was built by King Bayinnaung (1551-1581 A.D.) the founder of the second Myanmar Empire. The first Hantharwaddy city was shifted to new place and the king rebuilt the new palace to the south of the Shwemawdaw Pagoda and named Kanbawzathadi in 1556. According to the old drawing record the original palace consisted of 76 apartments and halls which was burned down in 1599. The Department of Archaeology has excavated the palace site in 1993 and revealed the brick foundations and plinths of the old palace. Many teak pillars some with inscriptions and 1800 lime-stone Buddha images were also found. The ruin of city wall with 20 gates is still in existence.

Kanbowzathadi Place & Museum displays many interesting things. Mon, Siamese and Myanmar Bagan style Buddhas; clay tobacco pipes; glazed tiles and pots; bronze weights and scales; pieces of the original teak stockade and weaponry.

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